lundi 22 août 2011

Level 6

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  1. S'il vous plait aidé moi pr le niveau 6 je ne le comprend pas du tt.

  2. You have a contact name on the paper right ? try to write the corresponding phone number and that's it ;)

  3. I already tried that and nothing happened

  4. This one is buggy. The numbers must only consist of digits. No other characters are allowed. You must change any intl. Number code. If the contacts number is e.g. +39 643 1234 you must change it in 0039 6431234. This must be done before entering this level.
    Create new contact with a number omly consists of digits. Start the level so many times zhe newly created contact is shown on the level.
    This will tale some time.
    Or you just delete all the contacts and create only one new contact.

  5. Hi ! this level will be removed in the next update (comming very soon) because of this kind of problems. Sorry for that, and please download the free next update to avoid this. Thanks